In KC Special Episode #2, I revisit a decision I made to bypass a job offer from Microsoft, back in the 1988. I sometimes wonder how different my life history would be had I taken that job, although I would still make the same decision today knowing how my life has unfolded!

In the first Kenny Cool special edition video, I thank Tableau for choosing me to be a 2019 Zen Master. I explain some behind the scenes attempts I made to work for Tableau. Even though I was never hired, I continued to pursue my Tableau passions ,and now I am a bit of a Tableau historian.

This is episode #1 of a new series of short videos I plan to make. I want to convey some interesting stories. I only plan on these being 5 minutes or less.

It is believed that my friend Al is the oldest functioning woodworker in the USA. I’d like to introduce you to him and show you some of his amazing work.

As I look back on my geological and environmental science career, there were a few stories that have stuck with me. In this article, I share three stories that left imprints in my mind.

I have been a student of the earth and life on earth throughout my life. Never before have I listened to someone with such immense intelligence and insight that has the ability to take complicated topics and explain them with such clarity that I could have my 7-year-old listen to him speak. Many thanks to Rich Roll for his continued excellence in podcasting and teaching us about the status of life on earth.

Preeclampsia (pre-e-CLAMP-si-a) is a condition unique to human pregnancy. It is diagnosed by the elevation of the expectant mother’s blood pressure usually after the 20th week of pregnancy. In this story, we used data collection and visualization to help our doctor make the right choices for my wife during our high-risk pregnancy.

Contrary to the “Agony of an Eduction”, this article expresses the joy of an education. The joy comes from first learning to use Tableau.

Ten years of happiness data is what I used to find something interesting. I didn’t plan on writing this article, but an anomaly I detected really made me think about the significance of this data.